Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Năm 10, 2007

DVJ – sound&image installation at L’espace on May 15, 2007

“hanoi moving”

sound&image installation

at l’espace_hanoi – 7 PM

May 15th, 2007


hanoi moving“_sound&image installation, is an experimental arts project that hope to be performing at l’espace_hanoi. In vietnam now, sound&image installation_idea and approaching, are still unprecedented not only for large audiences but also for even the most artists

hanoi is now on moving, time by time, the city will also be changing much in near future. This citi’s speed&fast moving are impressed on the people who are living not only inside but outside the city and also foreigners who is coming to hanoi. The all moving can be find in both the surface of the citylife such as the new buildings and skyscrapers, the heavy and crowded on street traffic from the old quarter to new areas, also in person who has busy days working with fully busy life.., all are so added to a huge changed an open city in new lines and new skies


using laptop computers connected to the sound systems, devices and projectors to creat different pieces and blocks of sound&image, folow lines that

– sound, creating new, mixing, combining, random, and interacting with image

– rhythm, identification, mixing, combining, anf interacting with image

– music and sound, creating sound blocks, moving sound, mixed coloration&image

sounds and images will be creating based on the pre-recordings of the street noise, complex sounds and images from the crowded corners, traffic and traffic-jam, housing and building images, the lighting, also the various people shapes and faces.. that all can be mixed and played through computers and device systems, and at random and interaction. This is should be a performance that mixed between the experimental sound mixing_Dj and digital image mixing_Vj, and is a reflection of the moving city. The Dj_sounds and Vj_images will be creating and arranging by sound systems and projectors so that can be fill the whole space and the walls up with fast speed of moving sounds and images, also between strong moving and silent gaps, and are what the audiences can be hearing, seeing, and feeling..

01. doantri minh, sound artist

tel. 0904082664

email. triminh05@yahoo.com

02. vunhat tan, sound artist

tel. 0913528586

email. vunhattan@yahoo.com

03. nguyenmanh hung, visual&sound artist

tel. 0913099209

email. nmhhuunngg@yahoo.com

04. nguyenmanh thang, visual artist



  1. 😦 Con mún đọc cái khác dzui dzui cơ

  2. hay qua a ah!

  3. ko hiểu :”)

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