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Music: HarpSong ~ Sean’s Dance

Harpist Karen Almquist and flutist Jennifer Grady come together in their second recording to create a new CD which is reflective of their love and passion for music and now includes many of their favorite Celtic melodies. The recording includes three original pieces by Jennifer.

Sean’s Dance, is not only a reflection of those feelings, but is a celebration of a very special child and influence in the life of Jennifer. Sean is a young man born with Down Syndrome. He is a child filled with love and energy and an incredible zest for life. His life is a gift and his song included in this recording is reflective of that. The song is written for two flutes and piano.

Original pieces also include Sweet Molly’s Lament, which was written for Jennifer’s daughter. It is a piece written for flute and harp and is reminscent of her daughter’s first years of life. It is a hauntingly beautiful melody with moments of wailing, but there are moments of fun and mischievousness as well.

Soaring is a piece written for two flutes and piano that was inspired by a visit to the ocean years several ago. The piece was influenced by the gulls floating in the ocean breezes on that warm summer day.

About the Artist
Karen Almquist graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Music Education degree and from Western Oregon State College with a Master of Music Education degree. Karen has taught music in the Oregon public schools and now maintains a very active studio in her home of private harp, voice, and piano students. Karen freelances as a soprano, organist, and harpist in the greater Willamette Valley of Oregon. She studied harp with Marion Fouse and has performed with the Salem Chamber Orchestra, the Salem Concert Band, Salem Pops Orchestra, Marylhurst Orchestra, Music on the Mount, and Britt Festival Orchestra. Karen has been a featured soloist at The Oregon Garden and has performed with the orchestra for celebrity Bernadette Peters. Jennifer Grady has performed with a number of flute ensembles, including High F’lutin, the Olympia Flute Choir, Intermezzo, and The Oregon Flute Quartet. Her compositions and arrangements have been performed at the “Northwest Composers and Arrangers Concerts” and at several conventions of The National Flute Association. She is published by ALRY Publications in Charlotte, NC. In 1998 – 2001, Jennifer performed with the Professional Flute Choir for the NFA Conventions held in Phoenix, Atlanta, Columbus, and Dallas. In May of 2000, she toured England and Wales as a member of the American Flute Orchestra. Jennifer recorded three CDs in 2001 with The National Flute Choir and ALRY Publications. Since joining with Karen to form HarpSong in 1995, the duo has performed throughout the greater Willamette Valley of Oregon and has released 3 CDs. Other recordings include “Sean’s Dance” (1999), and “Noel” (1998).

Product Description
HarpSong is a flute and harp duo from the Willamette Valley of Oregon. “The River” is their third CD, following “Sean’s Dance” (1999) and “Noël” (1998). This gentle, flowing journey in song contains many well-loved American folk , classical and sacred melodies. It includes the wonderful arrangements of composers John Rutter, Gary Schocker, Howard Helvey, Dennis Hugh Avey, Ricky Lombardo, and more. A number of arrangements are by the members of HarpSong and are published by ALRY Publications in North Carolina. “The River” is both peaceful and inspiring.

Track list:
1. Papillon
2. The King of the Fairies
3. Danny Boy
4. Cantoluna
5. Brian Boru’s March
6. Ashokan Farewell
7. Lannigan’s Ball / The Kerry Dances
8. Sweet Molly’s Lament
9. Caoineadh Luimni
10. Soaring
11. The Battle of Kinsale
12. Lament for the Wild Geese
13. Belfast Hornpipe
14. The Level Plain (Magh Seola)
15. Sean’s Dance
16. A Gaelic Blessing

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