Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Bảy 25, 2006

Pirate Mania, let’s play a game!

While waiting for Pirate 2 movie in the cinema, why don’t you try this. Moorhuhn is a name for a series of small games with a turkey in those. My most fav one is the game that you use a shotgun to shoot turkeys.

In this new strelyalke Moorhuhn you will meet with one-legged captain, series artilleryman and hen, that go through the countless dangers, with the aid of the concealed additions, secret weapon and riddles to the graves with the treasures.

Everything that zhazhdet the heart of the pirate: the complete version Moorhuhn piraten proposes to you strelyalku with all its small happiness and finesses, bonus from an enormous quantity of the bonus material:
1 first-class skrinseyver
4 exclusive screen motives of the working table
2 exclusive posters

Download Part1

Download Part2

Download Part3


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