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The Essential of Cooking

The Top Secret Recipe Collection of a Former CIA Chef

The Essential of Cooking

Discover How Anyone Can Master The Basics Of Cooking with this And Possess The Knowledge Normally Reserved For Top Professional Chefs and a great recipe collection too!

Learn The Essential Knowledge, Tips,
Foundations And Recipes Upon Which Even
The Most Complex Food Preparations Are Based.

You Too Can Have The Information Without Having
To Attend An Expensive School. You’ll Be
Amazed What You Can Do When Someone
Spells It All Out For You Clear As Day.
Cooking is easy with this recipe collection

In our society today, people are going out to eat more frequently than ever before in history. Eating out has become almost more about entertainment than about eating.

The food that is served continues to get fancier looking and more complex every day.

Gone are the days when you could go out to a restaurant, eat something you really enjoyed and then try to reproduce it at home. It all seems too technical and difficult.

Well, the reality is that much of that fine food does take special ingredients, equipment and skills to prepare… but not all of it!

In fact, the vast majority of the fabulous food you find in restaurants is really quite simple to prepare if someone would just take to time to explain it in simple, easy to understand and apply terms. If you were just given the right basic foundation you’d find you can cook almost ANYTHING.

I know, now you’re thinking “But how do I get that knowledge, watching TV shows, going to a Special, high priced School… How?”

Well, the answer is sitting right in front of you!

Now I know you’ve got to be wondering what the heck a chef was doing in the CIA…

The answer has nothing to do with espionage, foreign intrigue or any sort of deep cover work. In fact it has entirely nothing to do with Central Intelligence Agency at all (sorry ?). Instead, this information comes out of the library of a chef who started his carreer at the prestigeous Culinary Institute of America (otherwise know as the CIA).

Who is this mystery chef?…

If we told you, we’d have to kill you!

Besides it really doesn’t matter. What’s important is that this 5 volume series of Electronic books holds all of the essential information you need to build a knowledge and skill base to cook anything you could possible want…just like the Pro’s! When you make your purchase you’ll be able to immediately download these E-books and either read through them conveniently on your computer monitor or print them out.

Here’s a look at the different volumes:

Volume #1: Covers all of the basics you could possible need on selecting, buying, storing and cooking cereals, breads, and hot breads.You get 167 pages of information and recipes that you can start using immediately to impress your family and friends.

Volume #2: Covers all of the essentials of cooking and working with Milk, butter, cheese, Eggs, and Vegetables. Most folks never realize that there are 100 different ways just to cook eggs.This volume is packed with 167 pages of the sort of stuff you just don’t get in a simple cook book. Knowing how to work properly with these foods is crucial as their uses are almost limitless and they come up in almost every single recipe you will ever cook.

Volume #3: Provides yet another 167 pages of priceless cooking knowledge, this time covering soups, meats, poultry, game, fish and shellfish. This is a virtual food knowledge treasure trove!Inside this volume you’ll find some of the most classic recipes ever for each of the different categories covered. Once you get through this one you’re really starting to get cooking with gas! This volume is packed with 167 pages of the sort of stuff you just don’t get in a simple cook book. Knowing how to work properly with these foods is crucial as their uses are almost limitless and they come up in almost every single recipe you will ever cook.

Volume #4: Presents almost 200 pages of information and recipes covering salads and sandwiches, cold and frozen desserts, cakes, cookies, puddings, pastries and pies! Now we’re really getting to the good stuff…DESSERT! You’ll love being able to whip up most any fabulous dessert in no time flat! This one is a ton of fun to work with.

Volume #5: Last but certainly not least, this incredible 241 page volume walks you through the rest of the dessert world, followed how to prepare various beverages and lastly how to plan out the meals you’re preparing. The topics covered here are: fruit and fruit desserts, canning and drying, jelly making, preserving, pickling, confections (candy) , beverages and how to plan your meals.

So by now you’re probably getting pretty hungry and pretty excited about jumping in and working with these fantastic E-books.

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