Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Tư 23, 2006

Chillout Moods CD1, a “must have” CD

As surfed through www.verycd.com, I got the Edonkey links for Chillout Moods Collection included 9 CDs. This collection is amzing, which has so many name and ranges from various type of music like Mike Oldfield (Tublular bell, too famous for now), Adiemus (New Age, dont miss this), Jon Anderson, David Arkenstone, Brian Eno (considered the founder and ancenstor of ambient music), Ennio Morricone (what else can I say, Cinema Paradiso OST is perfect), Hans Zimmer (hey, you can see his name on a lot of OSTs) …etc. All the chillout, meditative, new age, world music lovers, this collection is a “must have” collection that you should never miss!!! Believe me!@@


Track list for CD1:

01 – Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells.mp3
02 – Hevia – Busindre Reel.mp3
03 – Sacred Spirit – Heya-Hee (Intertribal song to stop the rain).mp3
04 – Altan – The Waves of Gola.mp3
05 – Adiemus – Kayama.mp3
06 – Chris Hinze  – Angel.mp3
07 – Douglas Spotted Eagle – Grandfather’s Song.mp3
08 – Amarna – Night Rain.mp3
09 – Jon Anderson – Change We Must.mp3
10 – Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble – The Vanishing Breed.mp3
11 – Brian Eno – From the Same Hill.mp3
12 – Feargal Sharkey – She Moved Through the Fair.mp3
13 – Kate Price – Beloved.mp3
14 – David Arkenstone – Jewels of the Night.mp3
15 – Craig Armstrong – Balcony Scene (Romeo and Juliet).mp3
16 – Gerry Rafferty – The Right Moment.mp3


Download: http://www.box.net/public/static/i4t0mbjx2n.zip

(File size: 130MB)


I’ll upload the other CDs soon, because I know you would download them all.





  1. Great chilling collection ! hi anh GH, em o MFC day, add vao nhe 😀

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