Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Ba 8, 2006

Medwyn Goodall Collection [March 08, 2006]

At last, 60 albums of Medwyn Goodall.  Very wellknown for his meditation, relaxing world music, Medwyn used celtic harp, mandolin, folk guitars, flute with dramatic keyboard effects and powerfull rhythms. His music take you on a journey to the ancient of the celtic clan or through the moutains everywhere in the world.
If  somebody ask me to tell about MG’s music, the words I can tell are: world music, celtic, meditation, uplifting, mystery, love, ancient, the past, power.
Here in Vietnam you can find some of MG’s albums such as Medicin Woman, Clan – A Celtic journey, The Scroll, Moon Goodess, Guardian Spirit… I don’t think you can buy more than 10 albums. I was astonished to find that Medwyn had almost over 60 albums.  But finally, I got this collection straight from Edonkey network, 3.4GB. It took me one month to complete. MG’s work is huge like Vangelis.
Believe me, you should try MG’s music.  You won’t disappoint.


  1. Can you send me one favourite song of Medwyn Goodall? I often saw his albums in the CD shops, but never thought of buying them cos I didn’t know whether I would like his type of music or not.

  2. As you wished: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q2FJ6QDS
    Invocation in album Medicine Woman. This one is a famous song.

  3. Ehehe sao ong anh khong quang cao 10 chu de trong am nhac Cua Medwyn luon cho no hoanh trang! ehehe

  4. http://www.woim.net/#Singer,74

    vào thử đây nhé

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