Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Hai 27, 2006

One Fine Day [February 27, 2006]

Everthing is just fine. No noticealble and nameble fault. I chose The Champions by Era for the info slideshow and Big Jo was like, “Hey, what’s that music?”,  Mrs Ngan said, “Impressive and imposing music”. And for the other slideshow, I used Serenade by Jim Brickman. The guy who was responsible for sound equipment said to me, “Oh, incredible music, what’s that song’s name? It’s suitble for catwalk music. May I have that?”.  Yeah, I’m a big fan of Era and Jim Brickman. Their music is designed for events like this.
Later I had a chat with Mr. Cute. Hope he will be lucky with his stuff.
Last but not least, I took my old gun, my old sunglasses and used the old camera to take this shot.  Love this!!! Image


  1. heheh trong nhu la` trong nhu ten thanh tra o matran 2 y’ anhgiao’ ui

  2. Trong giong xa hoi den Hongkong hon em a. hihi

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