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Music Intensifies Ecstasy [February 22, 2006]

Music Intensifies Ecstasy

New research confirms that music intensifies ecstasy

Words: Terry Church

Boffins in Italy have finally proven what clubbers always knew: that loud music prolongs the effects of ecstasy.

The brain activity of the ecstasy rats decreased when exposed to loud music

Researchers gave laboratory rats the drug and exposed them to music at nightclub noise levels.

After measuring the electrical activity in the rats’ brain, they found that noise prolonged the effects of E (principally MDMA) by up to five days.

Brain Activity Decreased

The researchers, from the Institute of Neurological Science in Cantanzaro, found that low amounts of ecstasy did not affect the brain activity of the rats
if no music was played.

Loud music may worsen the comedown and other short term effects

Martin Barnes, Drugscope

But electrical activity in the brains of the rats significantly decreased if the ecstasy rats were exposed to banging music.

Their results were published in the Biomed Central Neuroscience.

Martin Barnes, Chief Executive of drugs information charity Drugscope, commented: “This research suggests that exposure to loud music may worsen the comedown and other short term effects but it is unclear what the
impact of loud music may be in the
long term.

Mid-week Hangover

“After taking ecstasy users may feel tired and low and this can last several days leading to a ‘mid-week hangover’.

“Short-term memory can be impaired and there is emerging evidence that prolonged use can lead to periods of depression.

“Ecstasy is very much associated with the clubbing and dance scene and users report a heightened sense of awareness and a greater appreciation of music and their surroundings.”

The scientists found that the effects of ecstasy wore off within one day, if the rats were not exposed to loud music.

But Dr Michelangelo Iannone, who led the research, said in BMC Neuroscience that the effects of the drug could be made more potent “by relatively common environmental factors” and stressed the “potential danger for man of substances that have been so ‘popularly’ accepted as relatively ‘safe’ owing to their ‘short term’ effects.”

For the full research report visit: www.biomedcentral.com


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