Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Hai 10, 2006

Danny Wright – Do you live, do you love [February 10, 2006]

To tell the truth, I’m addicted to piano music.
– GH
Danny Wright is a warmly romantic composer and an exquisite pianist with the gentlest, most expressive hands on the keys. His graceful compositions offer a tender release from the tensions of the day. He often composes songs as gifts to friends or to help support a worthy cause. It’s clear that his heart and hands are directly connected, as the music he makes provides much solace to an aching heart.”
– Steve Ryals, New Age Music Reviewer

“4 million sales later it should be clear by now that Wright’s success is based in large part on his ability to make it look and sound easy. Can you imagine how many bitter piano players are working the lobbies of Nordstrom’s wondering why they don’t get a break when they listen to this? Such is the problem at running ahead of the curve. Wright trades on his hallmark gentle touch but still takes it to new and exciting places and turns in a new effort that is much more than just another skew number. Adult piano fans have a new, hot winner here.”
~ Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap, July 02

“Danny Wright’s newest release brings the listener smooth and soothing piano music to calm and refresh. Even more tranquil than “Soul Mates”, “Do You Live, Do You Love” delivers piano serenity with sweet and gentle melodies that float in the air like the lightest of breezes. I usually find it impossible to keep music in the background, but something about this album keeps if from being intrusive in any way. The pieces are all lovely and very worthy of close listening attention, but after a few minutes, they tend to blend into whatever else is going on, providing a quiet and inviting backdrop. Nine of the eleven tracks are original. The cover tracks are beautiful arrangements of Dvorak’s “Largo” from the “New World Symphony”, and “The Friendship Theme” from “Beaches” (DeLerue). The title track is perhaps the most distinctive of the songs, with its bittersweet and searching melody on piano and string washes in the background. I also really like “River’s Edge”. The somewhat melancholy melody suggests soul-searching and looking for answers while gazing into the flowing water of a river. Anyone who has done this by any body of water knows how the rhythms mesmerize and sometimes even caress the mind, bringing a sense of stillness and peace. Several titles such as “Heaven’s Love”, “A Time to Heal”, and
“New Hope for Peace” suggest that they may have been written after the 9/11 tragedy with deep thoughtfulness and comfort as their themes. They succeed well in uplifting and bringing solace, as does the album as a whole. You won’t find any pianistic pyrotechnics on “Do You Live, Do You Love”, but if you are looking for musical sunshine or the perfect CD for unwinding and de-stressing, they don’t get much better than this!
– Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Publications

“In the pantheon of new age pianists, Danny Wright, with his versatility and gentle playing style, is one of the more accomplished performers to tickle the ivories. His latest release, Do You Live, Do You Love, features tunes that cling to the romantic, sentimental side of the songwriting spectrum. The album features two covers – a twinkly tune from the movie “Beaches” and an upbeat rendition of the “Largo” from Dvorak’s “New World Symphony.” The rest is pure Wright, his sunshine on a rainy day melodies intact on each of the remaining pieces, including the lilting “New Hope for Peace” and the “Love Story” –esque “In Time We Met.” In addition to solo piano, the album also features light accompaniment on violin and orchestra.”
~ Music Design, July/Aug 2002




  1. albumn nay hay that anh a 😡 😡

  2. Danny co may album Healer of Heart, Black n White cung rat hay. Hom nao anh se up len. Con nhieu dia nhung khong kiem duoc, hic.

  3. the a 😛 neu can de hom nao em down ho^. cho, anh send cho em list may cai bai day cung duoc a

  4. Quen mat, Danny the nay la het roi, con David Osborne thi moi kho kiem. Hom nao anh se chuyen em down thu.

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