Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Hai 8, 2006

Lucia Micarelli – Music From A Farther Room [February 08, 2006]

“Lucia Micarelli’s debut CD is a musical ballet for the mind, body and spirit…Music
From A Farther Room will take you on a journey, celebrating art for the ears.”
“… Music From a Farther Room, a tour de force notable as much for its emotional
honesty as its extravagant artistry….Her play is elegant, and runs the gamut of
emotions from brooding to joyous. At times, sad, yet always beautiful.”
“It [Music From a Farther Room] is an electric mix that ranges from classical to
Bowie and beyond, spirited and swirling with her stunning violin playing.”
“In pieces such as Mi Mancherai, her instrument – and her expressive, passionate,
bare-footed way of playing it – was every match for Groban’s vocals.”

Part 1:

Part 2:

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