Đăng bởi: giaohoang | Tháng Mười Một 24, 2005

My best favourite piano player, Jim Brickman [November 24, 2005]

Jim Brickman – The Disney Songbook!!! Yet another album from Jim downloaded from the Internet. EDK2K rocks!!!
The numbers of Jim’s albums in my collection still grows up:
1.,  Ballads
2. , By Heart
3., Destiny
4., Grace
5., Greatest Hits
6., Love Song & Lullabies
7., My Romance, An Evening with Jim Brickman
8., No Words
9., Peace
10., Picture This
11., Simple Things
12., Valentine
13., Vision of Love
14., The Disney Songbook
I love piano music! Jim is the best!!! Image


  1. Won’t you share with me some of these great albums? 😉
    I agree that Jim’s music is very easy to listen to. Frankly I prefer Jim to David Lanz or even Kevin Kern. :P. Wait for ur upload!!! – WP

  2. sao anh chi de descrp roi ko de link cho em down voi anh :))

  3. It’s on, girls. Check Jim. 🙂

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